Jada Toys Transformers Optimus Prime Converting RC Vehicle

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Transformers Optimus Prime Converting RC Vehicle:

Autobots, roll out!
Transform at the push of a button!
Radio controlled Optimus Prime with lights and sounds!
Measures over 13-inches tall as a robot, 12-inches long as a truck.
Autobots, roll out! Living among humans, hiding in plain sight, and watching over us are the heroes known as Transformers! You'll have a hero living among you complete with lights, sounds, and voice lines with this Transformers Optimus Prime Converting RC Vehicle. Expertly designed for a smooth driving and transforming performance, the leader of the Autobots converts seemlessly from a truck to robot and back with the push of a button. When standing, Optimus Prime walks with separated leg-like movement and measures over 13-inches tall. As an truck, the Autobot measures 12-inches long. Ages 8 and up.